Who We Are


"Basileia" refers to the practice of transforming abstract theory into concrete results and our mission is to transform the complex concept of pure cloud computing into tangible, cost effective, results for our clients.


Focusing on strategic business process, we match the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to your needs and objectives, maximizing each opportunity to refine and improve existing processes along the way. We are extremely customer focused, and work closely with organizational leadership to align forward thinking technology strategies with business vision.


With a long range vision of moving your organization toward pinpoint accuracy and efficiency in day to day operations, we structure each implementation with the real world end user in mind - you and your teams - ensuring that new solutions are adopted at a reasonable pace, and large scale change is incremental.


We are cloud specialists, dedicated to the sale, implementation and support of Microsoft cloud solutions. Our company was born and raised in the cloud, and we use the same technology that we deploy for our clients. The solutions and strategies we recommend come from tried and tested in house application. 

As cloud purists, we leverage the incredible integration of cloud technologies to deploy comprehensive solutions for your business, helping ensure that each individual process contributes to the larger strategic objectives of your organization.


Our strategic partnerships and world class consultants enable us to draw on a broad range of specialized expertise and decades of combined experience to solve your business challenges. 

We are a managed Microsoft partner, which means that we have a proven track record of successful implementations and deep knowledge of Microsoft cloud technologies. As well, we help our clients stay up to date on the latest solutions available to meet their continually evolving needs, as we are among the first to receive product knowledge and training when new technology is released. 


With the increasingly diverse needs of businesses and an economic environment that is constantly evolving, it has never been more critical to have trusted advisors to address costly inefficiencies and implement solutions that enable you to quickly adapt to changing economic landscapes - as well as take advantage of new and emerging opportunities. The ultimate success and longevity of your organization, through agility and sustainable profitability, is something we plan on sticking around to see.

We would love to hear from you.